Posted by on Mar 2, 2013


Thank you for visiting this site. At DeadFish Design we have this idea that we hope you will all support.

We would like to ask for help from other SEO and Social people. We want to create as useful community not only providing a full UK conference schedule but a helpful guide for NEW up and coming SEOers and small business owners.

If your interested in helping at all please read and fill in our form below. I will then create and account for you.

There are several ways to help

1. Please leave helpful comments at the bottom of our pages/ blogs.

2. Got a tip or blog you would like to place on our website please get in touch.¬† (if you are linking to any websites please try keeping these to a minimum don’t want the article to be spammy.

3. Know of a conference or small meetings for SEO type people please e-mail with the times and dates.

Thank you for helping and please spread the word.

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