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Brighton SEO 2011

I Arrived there quite early to ensure I got to the right palce on time (very important and proved handy later on). I found the place and registered straight away, very simple and well organised to start with but once it became busy it was abit of a pain. As there wasn’t another meeting area anywhere, people could not find the registration as easily. Although it was great to meet a few new people and was also a chance to meet Kelvin the event organiser. Anyway onto the actual event…

Is SEO Doomed

The day kicked off with a “Is SEO doomed?” debate panel. This, I would say started slow, but once a couple of questions had been asked it got quite interesting.

The first main discussion started with one person stating that SEO is about gaining trust with customers. This started a debate as to whether SEO is about gaining trust or falsifying trust with the search engines.

It was a very good debate, quite interesting to see what peoples points of view where, but in the end I think it was generally agreed that SEO isn’t doomed just most likely going to change.

Communicating the Value of SEO

This was lead by Doug Platts, head of natural search at iCrossing. His presentation was very helpful with how to present the value of SEO to your customer.

Doug showed that you have to look at the company size, target market, etc, so you can understand what is important to the client and you can then respond to it.

Doug went on to explain the difference between good KPI’s and bad KPI’s. For example page views, page rank is not great KPI’s… however conversions, revenue and profit are. This itself helps to demonstrate the value to the client.

The Evolution of Link Building

This one wasn’t one of my most favourite.
This one was presented by Leapfrogg’s head of social media Lucy Freeborn. You assume by the title that it would be showing you different ways of link building.
This was however more focused on the difference between PR companies and SEO companies and how they need to work together.
Although she did mention that you should make friends with a PR company, to get them to put your news on their websites, which should in effect generate you a link or two.

Everything is a Social Network

FreshEgg’s social media expert Paul Chaloner. This was contradicting the debate panel, which was on first thing in the morning, by stating that SEO is dead and it is SEM that is here to stay.

For this one I would recommend just looking at the ASA website and reading the guidelines. There is a lot of rules which should make advertising better, however there are some ridiculous rules for which you can get penalised for.
Paul then went on to demonstrate a few theories and show you how to get websites indexed straight away and if you use Google news how you can have it on page 1 after a few hours of it been tweeted.
Paul did two tests, one that was fully ready for the social media world, ie Twitter and Google news, and a second with features similar to Google news and twitter. The result where as follows:

First Website

Was indexed and searchable within the hour and then by the end of the day it was on the first page.

Second Website

Was not tweeted or fed into Google news. It was just a blog and this took several days to get indexed and eventually got tweeted, three weeks later it still hadn’t reached number one.
Overall he had some good points in that SEM is here to stay and you could not really argue with the facts. However as one person stated during the comments, as long as there’s search engines there will be SEO in some way, as people will want to rank the highest to drive traffic.

Staying on the Right Side of the ASA

Presentation by Jo Morley and Graeme Benstead-Hume from Site Visibility.

The impact of these new regulations are to prevent:

  • Claims that can not be backup
  • False claims
  • False reviews
  • Pen names for content
  • Undisclosed paid promotions

If you have got all the way to the bottom thank you very much for reading. I hope you enjoyed my review of Brighton SEO and there will be several more to come yet.

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